Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…

So you’re a rockstar…

In the music scene, there are quite a few inflated egos. And in no scene do they make LESS sense than in industrial and EBM. I have seen so much bullshit regarding bands who think they are the shit and I really can’t understand it at all. I can’t get the reasoning behind it and I felt like I wanted to say something about it.  

You are not famous. You are not a rockstar. NOBODY knows who you are. When you go to an industrial club, half the people there will STILL not know who you are. You are a little fish in a really small pond. The inflated ego is really, unbelievably out of place here. Andy LaPlegua can walk into a shopping mall and unless he walks through Hot Topic, there isn’t even a CHANCE that anyone is going to know who he is. There ARE no rockstars in industrial. Period.

So seriously, stop giving out guidelines or requirements for fans to hang out with you and stop telling magazines they are “too small” to interview you. They are doing YOU a favor, not the other way around. Once the interest in you dies, the little pseudo-fame you think you have dies with it. Try to remember that and stop being such a pretentious asshole.       

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