Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…

On The Side-Line…

We have all been on forums and seen the flame wars that occur on most of them. Usually there is just one troll, or maybe two that troll together (or the same guy with a bunch of different handles). There is, however, one forum where every regular there seems to be some variant of a troll. This would be the forum on Side-Line Magazine (attached to Alfa-Matrix).

Every single thread there degenerates into pointless trolling and ridiculousness, even threads about serious subjects. And it isn’t just one guy. It’s everybody. Sadly, posting on Side-Line is all but a requirement for up and coming bands, because of the massive traffic it receives on a daily basis. And even to this day, some of the highest play counts for SM’s videos have come from trackbacks on Side-Line. However, if you are going to post there, you better be ready for what you are going to get in return.

Mention Side-Line to anyone in the industrial scene and if they have heard of it, you will always here the same thing: “I don’t go on there anymore. There is too much bullshit drama.” At first glance, you could take it for just another one of the gaggles of self-proclaimed experts and pseudo-geniuses that proliferate any Internet forum. And in a way, you’d be right. But it is also more than that. In a very real way, these dickheads encompass the entire industrial scene. Their attitudes encapsulate the whole of the industrial experience, sadly. Nothing but self-hating douchebags who believe that everyone else knows nothing about music and arguing about whose taste is more obscure. In short, it’s retarded. A bunch of little fanboys who pretend to make music “for personal enjoyment” and then run around trying to pump each other up. The worst thing is the way they bow and scrape to some of the industrial acts. I have seen some of the most embarrassing examples of fanboyism ever on Side-Line, including someone who ranted for 5 pages about how they were against something, then saw an artist they like say differently and completely changed their own tune one post later. That was just horribly pathetic and sad.

I understand the need for people like that to have a place where they feel important. What’s funny is they are the first ones to say it’s NOT important. Yet they are there everyday. I guess the moral of the story is fanboys fail and industrial is full of assholes. If you are not one or the other of these, it’s a hard road.

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