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Why We Don’t Care About Getting Signed

As you know, we did an interview with BrutalResonance.com and one of the questions we were asked was why we think we don’t need a label. Since this is a rather large subject, I thought I’d say a few (more) words about it.  I don’t see us needing a label anytime soon. The face and landscape of music has changed. You can get pretty far by yourself, without label backing. Especially in industrial, where “label backing” doesn’t mean what it means in other genres.  It’s a personal choice. We have absolutely no interest in a label because you don’t really need one these days; from people I know who are on some of the larger labels I have learned they don’t do very much for you anyway and on top of that, they own your music. We are not interested in that.

Things have changed in music. The landscape, the entire face of marketing and promotion has changed. Artists can do very well by themselves. If labels don’t help you get gigs, if they don’t promote you very much, if they don’t even help you get your recordings mastered or anything, what is the point? If you are going to do all that yourself anyway, you might as well retain all the rights to your recordings. Labels can help with distribution but in most cases, deals for “distribution only” are different and don’t require you to sign over any rights to your music, so it isn’t really the same thing.

So in the end, it’s nothing against bands on a label or labels themselves. It’s more that we would just rather do things ourselves.

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