Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…

Is The Revolution Coming?

With the current state of politics in the U.S. and indeed, all over the world, people keep talking about the revolution. Not a revolution. The revolution. And when it’s coming. Well, I can’t tell you if it’s coming or not but I can tell you one thing: we can’t win it if it does. There are just too many of them. Too many people are too complacent with the way things are to allow anyone or anything to jeopardize that. And the government will not allow it. Thanks to the Patriot Act, you can now be jailed as a domestic terrorist for participating in a sit-in. A sit-in! One of the most peaceful forms of protest that exists. Was this preventative legislation, in light of what’s to come? Maybe. Maybe so. Maybe they realize that when the rug is pulled out, some people are not going to want to sit on the hard ground. But it won’t matter. Far too many more will go along with it. It’s easier. People have long traded freedom for convenience. This will be more of the same. The “radicals” will be pushed to the wayside and then simply pushed out. You will not be able to get along in the world if you do not go along with it.

People think that sounds far-fetched. Is it? People who don’t agree with them and the agenda are already being labeled as “fringe” and “crazy.” Didn’t dissonance used to be patriotic? Since when did it become crazy to disagree with the government? Oh, right. Since the government said it was. There are people who will read this and say “But they are crazy!” Sure, there are crazy people who disagree with the government. Absolutely. But all of them? Everybody who disagrees with the government’s agenda is a tin-foil hat lunatic? Because that is how they are portrayed. Have any of you ever asked yourselves why they would want you to believe that? If you haven’t, you are already brainwashed.

People think there are two sides and there are, but they are not the two sides people are told they are. There is no right and left. There is the government and there is the people. That’s it. The rest is distraction and smokescreen. If you really don’t think that is true, you need to look at the large, power-grabbing legislation each “side” has passed and whether the other “side” – who campaigned against it – ever overturned it when they won. You will find the answer to that is “No.” Why not? Because it’s a lie. Anything that increases the power and reach of the government is not truly opposed by anyone in government. No matter you see or hear and no matter what you are told. You only need to look to see.

Now, do I think the government is out to get me? No. I don’t think the government cares about me at all. I think they are out for themselves, both individually and collectively and nothing else matters but that. That includes me. And you. Good President Obama warned you to get the flu shot for your safety. However, his children did not receive it. Oh wait… we were told they did. After a national uproar over being told they were not receiving it while creating pandemic panic and declaring H1N1 a national emergency when 100 people died of it. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands die each year from regular flu. What is the panic over a comparably minuscule amount? I remember telling people that and them not believing me. If you don’t, you can check the CDC’s website.  

So would we win the revolution? No. Not even close. If the government didn’t use the military to simply annihilate us, we would become pariahs of society and be unable to provide lives for ourselves and our families. You might say we already are and you might be right. But you will cease to matter in that scenario. And when you cease to matter, there is no one to help you. There are just too many of them and they like things just the way they are.

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