Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…

Occupy THIS

I am a blunt, honest person. I boil things down. Period. Because I don’t sugarcoat things, my opinions often anger people. There is no room in reality for excuses and I live in reality. If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s ok. You don’t have to. As Ralphie May always says: I don’t believe in being politically correct. Just correct. You may not like it, but it’s always going to be true.

Now with this whole “Occupy” movement going on, there is a lot of talk about things in this country, including the living wage, prices and many other things. Perhaps this sounds cold but… no one is FORCING a person to take a job that does not pay them what they consider enough money. It is not a company’s job to support you and your family. It’s YOUR job. If you can’t do that with one job, then get another one. Or move to a cheaper area. Or go to school. Or whatever you have to do to be able to afford it. It’s not a company’s fault if a person can’t afford the life they have created for themselves with the job they are qualified to hold. This is reality. If we are talking personal responsibility, then that is personal responsibility. It is not the government’s or your employer’s job to ensure you can survive. It’s YOURS.

In other countries it could be a different story but here, it is not. And even though people say illegals who come here are taken advantage of, they still earn way more money than they would in their home country and they also get free healthcare, food stamps, welfare, housing and can get a free education. That is hardly being taken advantage of.

As for what companies pay people in other countries… it must be more than what they can earn there or they would not take the job. Again, maybe that sounds cold but it is not a corporation’s job to care or worry about making sure people survive. It is not their responsibility and to me it sounds ludicrous to expect them to do so. People do not have to support them if they do not agree with the company’s way of doing things.

I feel that it comes down to people protesting other people making money. In summary, if you really boil it down, that is what it is.

Alot of it is also that people don’t want to actually make sacrifices. They don’t want to stop USING the services, products and chains they say are causing all these problems. They just want to still use all these conveniences and services but at a price they can afford. Well, sorry but it doesn’t work that way. People get WANT confused with NEED. We live in a convenience-driven society where people are continuously told “You need this!” when they really don’t.

Like I saw people protesting gas prices. You don’t NEED a car. You just think you do. I got along without one for like 5 years or maybe even longer. Was it a LOT more convenient with one? Hell yes! Most definitely it was. Shit was MUCH easier. It was also alot cheaper without a car (no car payment, no gas, no insurance, no repairs, no inspections…) and we did get along fine without one for years. I certainly didn’t run around protesting car companies for making cars too expensive for me to afford. You are going to pay for convenience and if you don’t like it, well… don’t do it.

I’m not saying that prices are fair or unfair. I’m saying there is no such thing as a “fair price.” Companies are not in the business of being fair and really, there is no reason they should be. They will charge what people will pay. Period. If people don’t want to pay that much, they shouldn’t. It’s ridiculous to pay what you think is an exorbitant amount for something and then complain about the price. You did not have to buy it. Since you did, it must not have been too much. If you don’t like it, don’t buy into it. No one is saying you have to. There are no laws that you have to buy anything (except health insurance) yet.

In the end, I know what it’s like to be poor. Like REALLY poor. I have been homeless… no one got me into that situation but ME and no one got me out BUT ME. I know the frustration of struggling to make ends meet and to support your family when you don’t have enough. But it is nobody’s fault but my own. No one is responsible for my life, family or circumstances but me. I’m an adult and I accept and understand that. I’m tired of hearing people scream in indignation over shit they aren’t owed, didn’t earn and don’t need.

I’m also tired of hearing how the rich man is screwing people over and preventing everybody who’s not rich from doing anything. This is America. You can go anywhere in this country you want and be any fucking thing you want to be. Anyone – ANYONE – who says that is not true is making an excuse for themselves not being everything they want to be through their own fault. Or maybe that’s just too much reality for them to be able to deal with.

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