Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…



Time for some déjà vu here in episode 76. For this turn around I interviewed the marvelous mistress of musical mayhem, SinDelle Morte of Scream Machine, about her side project godMONSTER. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because not only are we fans of Scream Machine (Best Band of Season Three!), but Sin was the music interviewer here before I failed upwards into the position. 🙂 In her honor, I shall bust out of my usual format and share the full question and answer interview as was her style during her tenure. Love ya, Sin!

DS: Who are the members of the band, and besides the instruments they play or how they sing, what do they bring to the band as a whole?

SM: Well, godMONSTER is my solo side project, so it’s just me. Scream Machine (my main project) is more aggressive and it really…

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