Rants, can'ts, shan'ts, dance…

About Me

☠I make monster-music☠sinpic2

Here: http://www.smindustrial.wordpress.com
Scream Machine is my music project. I am a musician, a writer, a poet, private fire-dancer, fire-breather and generally interested in mayhem of all kinds. Serial killer studies are a hobby of mine, as are abnormal psychology and deviant sexual behaviors/paraphilias. I collect crime scene photos and watch “snuff” (sexual or otherwise) or Faces of Death-type movies when I can. I do tarot readings and other magickal things. Oh, and I’m thinking of starting a freak show.

I write fiction and have a homeless novel living in my computer. It has several younger (shorter) brothers and sisters living there, too. These can be adopted through Amazon/Kindle.

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