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Primitivism: Living The Life We Were Meant to Live

Barefoot Savages


Looking around at our society now, it would be tough to miss the amount of stress people are under. It would be even tougher to miss how unhappy everybody is. Anxiety, depression, OCD, IBS, heartburn, ulcers, heart attacks… People take medications for these symptoms (which is what most of these problems are: symptoms of a larger problem) and they flood their bodies with chemicals to counteract the effects of our society on their bodies without ever addressing the real problem. Stress and unhappiness may be the number one killer of people in our culture, in one way or another. There are many reasons for this and one that is overlooked by many is the fact that we are living a life so far removed from the life we were meant to live.

If we were to look at our ancestors, we would see a very different situation than we now…

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Does Prozac Contain Fluoride?

The Little Shaman


This question comes up all the time. Memes circle around which claim that fluoride is the active compound in rat poison, Prozac and what is in our water. To put it very simply, these are not all the same types of fluoride. There are many kinds of fluoride because the element fluorine creates a compound with just about any other element it binds to, resulting in all new things. For example, the most common type used to fluoridate our public water is fluorosilicic acid, a by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. So, once and for all: does Prozac contain fluoride? The simple answer is yes. Prozac not only contains fluoride, Prozac is fluoride.

Prozac is the brand name for a chemical compound called fluoxetine hydrochlorideFluoxetine is made up of five different elements (C17H18F3NO). Fluorine is one of those elements (F3). Fluorine is a gas and never occurs in a free state in nature…

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Damaged. But Is It An Excuse?

As I have said in other posts on this blog, the world is becoming overrun with narcissists and sociopaths. These empty vessels are frighteningly easy to create and impossible to deconstruct. It is not their fault they are this way; they do not become such empty vessels by accident. It is almost always the result of childhood abuse, neglect or other repetitive childhood trauma. The question that then comes to mind is, “Are they to blame for their behavior?” After all, they are victims. At what point do they stop being victims and become perpetrators? Do they ever stop being victims?

These broken people walking around cannot help what they are. They cannot help the way they see the world, or the fact that they can only view other people as objects. They cannot help the fact that they are incapable of love or empathy. They were utterly failed in a very real, very sad way by whoever raised them. They are fundamentally broken, flawed and empty beings. It is not even precisely right to call them human beings; the internal landscape of the narcissist and the sociopath is barren. Alien. It is obvious to many people. Many who come in contact with these vacant containers feel right away that something is off or wrong about them. And it is. They walk around mirroring and pretending for their entire lives, trying to mimic normal, integrated human behavior and listening to an incessant, sadistic and vicious superego that tells them how disgusting, awful and terrible they are 24 hours a day. The pressure of this is crushing. The stress is unrelenting and there is no escape from it. So are they to blame for doing things that give them relief from this torment?

Yes. They absolutely are.

Narcissists and sociopaths know that what they are doing is wrong. Maybe not morally, maybe not personally but they know that this is not how normal people behave because society does not condone or approve of it. If they thought it was OK, they would not conceal their behavior or go to such lengths to ensure that people never find out who and what they really are. Because of this, they can and should be held responsible for their behavior and their actions. Hiding or excusing what they’ve done only permits them to continue to wreak havoc, destroy lives and hurt people. Hold them up to the light. Bring their behavior out where people can see it. They are afraid of being exposed and it is your only hope of stopping them.

Real Beauty? Not In Our Culture

Modern Pioneer Magazine

After watching this video, I realized that there are still people out there who do not realize how phony and contrived our concept of what is “beautiful” really is. ALL of you ladies need to watch this. And men too. Stop buying into what they are feeding you. The idea of “beauty” portrayed by the mainstream media is not a real woman – or man – in any way, shape or form.  They changed every single thing about the model in the video below. EVERY SINGLE THING. The idealized version of beauty is not even a real person. It’s sad, because women compare themselves to that and feel like failures, or men compare real women to it and feel cheated when it doesn’t even really exist. Women starve themselves and judge each other and themselves – so harshly based on an ideal that is not even real. Men judge and compare real women…

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New Videos, New Tracks, Other New Things.

New SM News

Scream Machine

So if you watched the video update, you know that there are two SM albums coming in October: Cadaver Amatorem and Zombi. SM is hoping to do a videosm3 for a song of each album so we will see how that works. Sin is also working on a video with the project Neutrino Oscillation for the track “I Will Not Run” that she did guest vocals for, plus some guest vox for a Lockjaw track and another two or three here and there. Shaping up to be a nice fall/winter around here and a good 2013 all around for Scream Machine. There is a new godMONSTER album out. Sin is also continuing her fight against GMO foods and the world in general with her modern pioneering thing, so keep an eye on that. Cosmo is finishing up PIPEBOMB’s album Blood & Wires and that should be released…

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Can you pass this eighth grade examination from 1912?

They ARE dumbing us down. PROOF.

Modern Pioneer Magazine

You’d like to think education has advanced in the past 100 years, right? Yeah, not according to this recently-unearthed exam for 8th graders from Bullitt1912-exam-tk-130809-16x9-608-jpg_142228 County, Kentucky. The test covers 8 subjects: spelling, reading, arithmetic, grammar, geography, physiology, civil government and history. The questions are surprisingly difficult and seem to show a commitment to education that does not exist these days.

Some of the questions include asking students to define the cerebrum and cerebellum, differentiate between copyright and patent rights, and define each part of speech in the English language. Others ask during which wars were the following battles fought: Brandywine, Great Meadows, Lundy’s Lane, Antietam, Buena Vista, and for students to sketch briefly Sir Walter Raleigh & Peter Stuyvesant.

These are almost shocking questions in a time when some high school students cannot tell time using a regular clock, or answer the question, “How many ounces are in a pint?”…

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Time for some déjà vu here in episode 76. For this turn around I interviewed the marvelous mistress of musical mayhem, SinDelle Morte of Scream Machine, about her side project godMONSTER. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because not only are we fans of Scream Machine (Best Band of Season Three!), but Sin was the music interviewer here before I failed upwards into the position. 🙂 In her honor, I shall bust out of my usual format and share the full question and answer interview as was her style during her tenure. Love ya, Sin!

DS: Who are the members of the band, and besides the instruments they play or how they sing, what do they bring to the band as a whole?

SM: Well, godMONSTER is my solo side project, so it’s just me. Scream Machine (my main project) is more aggressive and it really…

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