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Why Are You Against The Death Penalty?

The death penalty is one of my “pet” causes. I stand staunchly in support of it. It has it’s problems and it could use an overhaul in keeping with technology (as could all government institutions and procedures) but as an overall concept, I support it. It boggles my mind that some people don’t. I understand the idea that people deserve a second chance but not everyone does. Contrary to what the warmhearted but misguided people who believe this might think, not everyone can be rehabilitated. Not everyone would do better if they could. Not everyone is a poor misunderstood victim. Some people are killers because that is who and what they want to be. They enjoy killing and hurting people. They love it, in point of fact. And they have zero respect for life at all.

There are those who feel that the few dollars in your pocket are worth more than your life. There are people on this planet who feel — to quote Dr. Park Dietz about serial killers — that their orgasm is more important than your life.  Think about what that means for a second. Really think about it. A few seconds of pleasure means more to them than your entire existence as a person, and they are more than willing to trade one for the other. More than willing, even happy to do so. These people are a danger to every single person that will ever come in contact with them. The world will never be safe from them until they are dead.

Beyond the safety factor, there is also the concept of justice. Some crimes are heinous, so despicable and so terrible that they are only served by the death of the offender. You do not get the death penalty for killing someone in an argument. You get the death penalty only if you have shown without a doubt that human life is absolutely meaningless to you.

I submit to you the case of Westley Allan Dodd: sadist, child molester and torture-murderer. Westley Dodd kept a journal, detailing his crimes and search for new victims, as well as plans for the future. Murder, torture and children consumed this man’s entire life. I have read hundreds – maybe even thousands – of true crime stories. I have seen thousands of crime scene photos. I have watched hundreds of murder videos. I just watched one the other day of a drug cartel executing 4 women with axes, chopping them up like firewood. The Westley Allan Dodd journal surpasses them all; it is the most depraved, despicable thing I’ve ever experienced. If you truly believe that you are absolutely against the death penalty, I invite you to read the personal journal/log book of Westley Allan Dodd. It is presented at that link with nothing omitted except the pictures he took of his victims and I promise you that after you read it, you will no longer be against the death penalty.

If you’re not changed… if after reading that journal, you are still against the death penalty… if you can find sympathy or kindness in your heart for the man who built a torture rack in his house to tie 4 year old boys to, for the man who created a “game” out of forcing a child to pick how they would be murdered by either rolling dice or picking it out of a hat… If you can find any kindness for or reason to keep alive the man who said, “4:45 p.m.  I now ask Satan to guide me, and provide or help me obtain a boy tonight.  This one I’d like to keep a while–keeping him awake all night each night so he’ll sleep all day while I’m at work (tied and mouth taped shut to be on safe side).  I may only keep him two or three days, or even longer if it works out… I might even get two boys (perhaps a 6- or 7-year-old taking a 3- or 4- year-old to the toilet?).  In the case of two like this–the older (or both) would decide (when I tired of them) which was to die.  Don’t know now if survivor (or just a lone boy) would die, or be used to help get another boy home.  Will have to wait and see.  I also want to do my medical experiments this time, once done with sexual play on the body(ies).  Also hoping for more, better pictures.” then you are just a fool. A dangerous fool and I wish you luck, because in this world, you will need it.

Because Westley Allan Dodd is dead (via execution) but there are thousands more just like him.