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The Battle of The Bathroom: Political Correctness Run Amok

Recently I got into a… not really an argument or debate but just a small thing with someone on social media regarding whether or not transgender folks should be able to use the bathroom they choose, rather than the one dictated by their anatomy. My position is that they should use the one dictated by their anatomy, simply because it has become too much of a grey area and a line has to be drawn or a distinction made somewhere. It’s going to have to be there. That’s the simplest and most obvious resolution to the problem, and for me it is a problem. Not because people are trans, though. I have a problem with the whole transgender bathroom thing because for someone to feel uncomfortable if an opposite sex person is in the bathroom with them would be a pretty common thing. Most people don’t want that. If nobody cared, that would be something totally different. But they do care, so why do 500 people have to be made uncomfortable just so one person is not? I’m all for equality as everybody knows, but that isn’t equality – at all. It’s special rules for special people, which is the antithesis of equality.

If someone can say, “My rights are being violated by forcing me to use the bathroom for my anatomic gender because I don’t personally feel that gender is correct. I feel I’m in the wrong bathroom which makes me uncomfortable,” why is it not OK for someone to say, “My rights are being violated by forcing me to use the bathroom with someone who is not anatomically the same gender as myself even if they think that gender is incorrect. I feel they are in the wrong bathroom which makes me uncomfortable”? Isn’t it the same thing?

Transgender person: “I am uncomfortable using the bathroom around people I feel are the opposite gender from myself, even if they don’t think they are.” The narrative says OK. You don’t have to. This is a big deal and we will do everything we can to ensure you are not uncomfortable.

Non-transgender person: “I am uncomfortable using the bathroom around people I feel are the opposite gender from myself, even if they don’t think they are.” The narrative says You’re a bigot. Suck it up. It’s not a big deal and if you say it is, you’re just overreacting. 

How is that fair? It’s the exact same thing. This is where it bothers me. For me, it’s not a transgender issue. It’s the unfairness of the narrative. The person I got into the thing with asked the folks in the thread, “And what do you actually think they’re going to be doing with thier [sic] penises in the bathroom? Chase you around and say “ooga-booga”? Rape you?” That right there is bullshit. It’s stating that if someone is uncomfortable by having to use the bathroom with someone they feel is the opposite gender, they’re being needlessly fearful and overreacting. That translates into: Your feelings about this don’t matter. Yes, it affects you personally but they still don’t matter. Your privacy doesn’t matter. Nothing matters, except how this one person feels. She went on quite a bit about how it was no big deal and people who had a problem with it are just overreacting. If that’s the case and it’s no big deal to use the bathroom around people who you feel are the opposite gender, why can’t our hypothetical transgender friend just use the bathroom dictated by their anatomy? Oh, right. Because it is a big deal – for them. The hypocrisy of that argument just absolutely astounds me. It really does. “I’m doing the same thing you are, but you doing it is bigoted.” What the hell, man? I’m hateful and bigoted for saying the same thing you’re saying? I’m hateful and bigoted because I don’t want to go to the bathroom with people of the opposite gender – the exact same thing transgender folks don’t want? Why? Why is it OK for them to feel that way but not for me?

It isn’t just with this issue, of course. This issue is just a perfect example of the hypocrisy and absurdity of political correctness run amok. In an attempt to appease the few, the many are sacrificed. This in the end appeases nobody. It breeds anger and creates a feeling of being marginalized and disrespected. Of course, it’s supposed to. Divide and conquer and all that.

As an aside, I find it amazing that so many people claim to be against “rape culture” and state ridiculous things like, “The penis is by default an object of violence” but somehow are able to reconcile the penis as inoffensive and impotent (sorry) when the bearer of said penis believes he is a female, and further, that they insist that girls and women who don’t want a person who is anatomically male in their bathroom need to simply put up with it.

My Message To The Anti-Rape Culture Brigade: Enough, Already!

As I’ve stated in other posts, I have a few problems with the anti-rape culture movement. The purpose of the anti-rape culture movement seems to be to reduce women once again to helpless victims. To me it looks like women who are being groomed to be victims because they are being taught that they have no power here. I stand in staunch opposition to this and always will. Thinking that more education and sensitivity training is going to protect you in this world is a pipe-dream and it’s a dangerous one. You cannot “cure” or educate someone out of being a rapist. It is impossible. Making women put on clothes is not going to change things and women running around naked telling everyone not to look is not going to change things, because these things have nothing to do with why rape occurs. Rape occurs because a person feels powerless and wants to assert control over another human being in order to feel more powerful. No amount of sloganeering or naked protestation is going to change that.

This video is my statement to the anti-rape culture brigade: Enough, already! THIS is why rape occurs: because a person puts (or sees) another person in a vulnerable situation and takes advantage of them. Period.

It has nothing to do with any of the political bullshit that these assholes are talking about. It is not society causing it. It is not because of some lack of education or sensitivity. People don’t need to be “taught not to rape,” because people already know that rape is wrong. They do it anyway because they don’t care.

This video is also a rebellion against being branded as a sex object. Attempts were made to look not sexy but pathetic. The simulated rape and forced servitude shown here is not just the message but the subtext as well; it is symbolic of being forced into a role you do not want to occupy.

“Check your privilege!” Not so fast.

It used to be if you wanted to shut down the opposition, you shouted racism, sexism or any other -ism designed to marginalize their words and them as a person. Now instead of simply crying “(Fill-In-The-Blank)ISM!!” whenever someone wants to shut the other person up, there is a smug, smarmy little phrase being uttered all over the place: “Check your privilege.” This means for example, that if you are white you cannot comment on racism, becuse by default you can’t have experienced it and therefore, your input has no value.  Allow me to address this “Check your privilege” thing right now. You’ve not seen what I’ve seen or been where I’ve been. You have no idea what my privilege would be. You are making a snap judgment based on what I look like and nothing else. If that’s not bullshit, I just don’t know what is.

I’m white, so I can’t have experienced racism.
I have certain things, so I can’t have experienced poverty.
I’m not a drug addict, so I can’t have experienced addiction.
I’m not overweight, so I can’t have experienced body shaming.
I’m not gay, so I can’t have experienced discrimination because of who I am.

Here’s a newsflash: Every single one of these things is wrong. You have no idea where I come from or what I’ve been through. Check your privilege before you tell me to check mine. Not everyone fits into your prescribed boxes of how “victims” are supposed to act. I mean, I get it. I’m a jerk. I’m opinionated. I say things that most people will not say. I’m brash. I laugh at things that aren’t funny. I make inappropriate jokes that people find offensive. I laugh at other people’s jokes that are offensive. I will laugh at jokes about almost anything if they are funny enough. You know why? Because I’m an asshole and because I’ve been through enough that I think I can laugh at whatever the hell I want to laugh at. If you don’t like it, go find someone who gives a shit and tell them how to run their life. “Check your privilege, honey.” Oh no, sweetheart. Check yours. You labor under the incorrect assumption that you have the privilege of judging me based on what you can see. Well, here’s a little thing you can’t see: You don’t know me like that and I will make you feel stupid. Not that you shouldn’t already, talking some insane, presumptuous shit like that.

Racism, gender inequality, discrimination because of sexuality, rape, domestic violence or anything else that has happened – or will happen – to me doesn’t define me, and it doesn’t have to define YOU. 

“First they came for the Communists…”

I am not religious but the growing discrimination against Christians and religious people in general is beginning to alarm me. Those who I’ve debated with don’t seem to really be offended on behalf of gays or women or other hot button issues. Not really. They seem to have actually been offended by the mere mention of religion. For many, it seems to be a platform for them to express their own bigoted and discriminatory views — against Christians and/or religion in general. I’m no expert but it would seem that the answer to perceived bigotry and discrimination can hardly be more bigotry and discrimination.

I find it sad and a shame that people who claim they are all about equality and fair treatment for all just ignore this, or worse – they participate in it. Discrimination against anybody should alarm everybody. But it doesn’t, and that alarms me. I really feel that if, say, religious people were all rounded up to be shot simply for being religious, many of the people in this country would not protest or even care. I find that terrifying. “First they came for the Communists” and all that.

What I don’t get is, do they not realize how easily that actually could be them? Do they really think that could never happen? What about when it’s me? What about when it’s you? I tell myself every day not to give in to my ego or superego or whichever it is; that people cannot possibly be as stupid as I sometimes think they are. But every day I hear things like that (“Oh, it’s OK if it’s them, because it’ll never be me!”) and it gets harder and harder to believe that. I think they really do believe that. It’s frightening.

But what can you say about a society where scientific studies are done and psychiatric illnesses are dreamed up solely for the reason of giving people an excuse to escape personal responsibility? Not much, I guess.

Is Abortion a Women’s Rights Issue? Yes. It is.

I posted this picture on Facebook a few days ago:


Someone commented, stating that he saw a piece on the news the other day in which they stated that one third of the ‘millennium’ generation is just gone. He went on to say that it was “kind of startling when you think about it.”

It certainly is.

I am shocked that people are still falling for the whole “rights” gambit. Women have actually been programmed to believe that killing their own children for any reason they deem fit is not only justified but is a right which must be fought for, and that anyone attempting to oppose this right is seeking to oppress them. Pretty unbelievable when you really look at it.

Once I got into a thing about abortion with somebody who said, “When you take politics out of it, it really is a women’s right issue.” I said, “Ma’am, women’s rights is politics. When you take that out of it, all we are talking about here is killing babies.” This has been so masterfully obscured, wrapped in the flag and obfuscated with images of a misogynist society trampling women underfoot. They have gotten women to fight for the right to kill their own children using the oldest trick in the book: the bait and switch. It boggles the mind.

You always hear that “more education” is needed to help prevent abortions and pregnancies. While I applaud the sentiment, I’ve never understood what this actually means. According to the CDC, 40% of women who have abortions have had more than 1 previous abortion and almost 1/4 of them have had more than 2 previous abortions. You mean to tell me these women cannot figure out how they are getting pregnant? They can’t stop it from happening over and over again? I’m supposed to believe that women are so stupid, so helpless and so weak that they cannot prevent a pregnancy from occurring? They are strong and empowered because they can kill their babies after the baby is conceived but too helpless to prevent conception in the first place?

Or could it be that they are simply the victims of an indoctrination program that teaches them that an abortion – which scars the uterus, can cause miscarriages later in life and serious emotional and psychological trauma – is just no big deal?  “Pregnant? That’s OK. We’ll make it like it never even happened. No sweat.” Maybe if killing babies was not treated as the medical equivalent of having a wart removed, people would be a little more careful.

Here is where people usually bring up rape, incest and sexual freedom. Let me address that right now:

1. Rape and and incest do not even account for 0.03% of the astronomical amount of abortions in this country so for the purposes of debate, it is simply a strawman argument. Women who are raped and become pregnant generally have a lower instance of abortion than the general population because abortion adds another traumatic experience and worse, it puts them in the position of the aggressor.

2. I am as sexually liberated as the next person. Probably more so than many, actually. I don’t care who you sleep with, where you do it or how often. But are we rutting dogs in the street? A stray bitch in heat cannot prevent herself from getting pregnant but I expect more from a human being. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do. I resent the idea that women are somehow not above stray dogs and that abortion is necessary because of this.

True feminism empowers women. True feminists do not champion causes in which women are tricked, duped and brainwashed. This is what has happened with abortion: women are applauding their own programming. Women are still being kept in their place. The place has just changed. In the past, they wanted you to have babies. Now they don’t. The only thing that has changed is the rhetoric. Sorry to all the modern feminists out there but killing your children because a patriarchal society decided for you that you should has not empowered you. It has turned you into a knee-jerk reaction demographic, not empowered individuals. If you want to talk empowerment, women own the reproductive power of society. Abortion allows them to take that from you. Women are still being controlled by the uterus and their reproductive role. 

You don’t believe that, do you? Think about it. Put your emotions aside and really think about it. In the past, if you did not marry, stay home, have lots of kids and keep house, you were a traitor to women. If you had less than 3 kids, you were maligned by society and other women as not dedicated to your family. In the present, if you do not work, have a career and support abortion, you are a traitor to women. If you have more than 2 kids, you are maligned by society and other women as a “breeder.” Notice any similarities? The only thing that’s changed is what they want you to do. Their way of getting you to do it is still the same.

I thought we were tired of being controlled. Wasn’t that what women’s lib was all about?