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Halloween “Lynching” Display Removed

There is a veritable shitstorm going on over a “racist” Halloween display in Fort Campbell. The display depicted corpses hanging from a tree in the front yard of a house on-base. Here is a picture of it:


It’s pretty gruesome. I for one thought it was cool. Nothing I’ve not seen 1,000 times already on Halloween, but still pretty well-done. The child victims were a little much but hey, it’s Halloween, right? Wrong, apparently. The media says this is racist. Why? Because the trash bags on the heads of these figures are black. I wish I were kidding but I am not. Never mind the facts that:

  • There are no faces drawn on the bags.
  • There is no indication of ANY race at all.
  • People are routinely executed with black hoods or black bags over their faces.
  • Trash bags HAVE no race.
  • This is a pretty clear re-creation of a scene from the horror movie “Sinister.”
  • The family that was hung in “Sinister” also had bags on their head but were Caucasian.
  • It’s Halloween and these type of displays are in no way unusual at all.

The media says this is racist and to John Q. Public, that means it’s racist. People are losing their minds over this. I even had one guy tell me, “No faces were depicted because to white people, we all look alike.” I was taken aback by that, to say the least. I mean, what the fuck? Why would people want this to be racist so badly? The person who created the display even stated that it is indeed a re-creation from the movie “Sinister,” as those of you who’ve seen the movie will recognize right away. People are calling him a liar. Here is a picture of the scene this display attempts to re-create:


Pretty damn close, right? It’s not perfect but it’s not a million-dollar movie set or an art gallery. It’s a homemade Halloween decoration in somebody’s fucking front yard. At first I thought it was just ignorance; if you haven’t seen the movie, you are not going to know that this is a re-creation of a scene from it. It is Halloween and people could get over it, but I can forgive ignorance. After all, race aside people could for sure be offended by the child figures. It’s a pretty dark scenario. However, then I saw this story from The Inquisitr. As you can see, they address the claim that the display is from a movie. But look at the still they’ve posted in their story. It looks nothing like the one you see just above here, and the caption beneath it (“Do *you* think this is what the Fort Campbell display was trying to recreate?”) is pretty damn sarcastic.

inquisitrThat makes me wonder if this is more than ignorance. When I posted the “correct” image on RawStory.com and explained that this is not a racist display but simply an amateur re-creation of a scene from a scary movie, not only were my comments deleted but my IP address was banned from commenting at all, no matter what login or ID I use.



After reading the comments, I realized that the only comments they seem to be allowing on that story are ones which agree this display is racist. Since other comment sections are filled with debates, that can only be deliberate – as is The Inquisitr’s posting of such a misleading still frame. My comments were removed from other news sites as well. I also cannot find any evidence that anyone actually complained that the display was racist before the media said it was racist. From what very little I can find, the offended people don’t seem to be neighbors but the military authorities on-base. The only “real” news source I can find simply says, “Officials said the resident willingly removed the decorations after being informed of concerns raised by the community.” The community is the base, so that could be taken a few different ways.

Now, let’s move all this PC garbage aside, folks. Let’s get real. We are talking about trash bags. Trash. Bags. They have no race. Using black trash bags is racist now? It is my opinion that if anyone can look at that display 2 days before Halloween and the first thing they think is “BLACK PEOPLE,” they are the ones who have racial issues. You will see it if you want to see it, not because it’s there. The faces of the “family” in the display are covered. There is no “skin” visible at all. To simply assume racist intent this way because the people who made the display used black garbage bags – like millions of other fucking people – is absolutely ludicrous and absurd. It’s borderline crazy, in my opinion. To actually equate stuffed black garbage bag heads on a Halloween decoration with African Americans is frankly ridiculous.

I wasn’t going to comment broadly on the racial implications here because I don’t believe there are any but this needs to be said: black people do not “own” lynchings. They do not own slavery or racism. They are not the only people who were lynched, or hanged, or killed and persecuted for their race, or discriminated against, or enslaved. It has happened to millions upon millions of people of ALL races for thousands of years or more. White people also do not own all the guilt for slavery and racism. Again, it has happened to millions upon millions of people of ALL races for thousands of years. Literally every civilization was built on the backs of enslaved and oppressed people. Living in a state of perpetual offense and using any excuse you can find to drag this bullshit into the limelight only take the light off of real racism, which still goes on. This is a Halloween decoration based on an amateurish re-creation of a scene from a movie. Stop it.

I know, I know… I’m white and therefore I cannot have an opinion. Well, white doesn’t always mean white. My family and I are actually Hungarian Slovak gypsies who only came to the US in the early 1900s. We know a bit about persecution. However, I don’t need to be any color to know idiocy when I see it, and that is what this is. Stop believing everything the media tells you. They are turning you into dancing monkeys. They are turning you into fools.