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Are People Who Commit Crimes An Oppressed Minority?

You know… I got in a thing the other day with this guy. He kept insisting that people are criminals because they are oppressed, that they are only committing crimes to get things they need or someĀ premiseĀ along those lines. (I guess he thinks stealing is the only type of crime there is or something.) The only thing I can think of is that this person has literally ZERO experience with any criminal element whatsoever. I on the other hand have quite a bit. Every single one of my friends has either been in prison, or is in prison now. I myself have been no stranger to criminal activity in my life; how do you think I know these guys? I of course no longer commit crimes but that mindset doesn’t leave you. You don’t act on it anymore but it never goes away. Crime is easier, faster and frankly, it’s a lot more fun and exciting than waking up at 5am every day and going to work. That’s why most people do it.

I freely admitted these things to this person, telling him he was absolutely wrong about why most people commit crimes. He refused to listen to me – despite having apparently no experience with it whatsoever, continuing to say that they are poor well-meaning waifs who don’t know any better. As I was reading this argument, the only thing I could think was, “Mark. You’re a mark, dude. An easy target.” I smelled it as soon as the guy started talking. Like wow, you are who we used to dream about: an entitled idealistic dumb ass choking on his own guilt and “privilege” who will buy a sob story. Idiot. You have money. I want your money. And somehow, you seem to think you owe it to me! With that retarded idea, I am halfway there! All I have to do is take it. You will probably be happy to give it to me. A fool.

Are there people who commit crimes out of desperation? Sure, of course. But that is not the norm for your average bad ass. Not even close, and handing people an excuse to continue to prey on you and take advantage of you is just stupid. Stop feeling sorry for people who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. It’s dangerous. Take it from someone who knows: seeing predators as victims is dangerous.

I debated a little while before writing this. I was afraid it is too much reality for some people. But it is the truth, regardless of whether I tell you or not. If it changes your idea of me or anybody else, maybe you had the wrong idea all along.