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The GMO Wars & How I Am Fighting Them

Anyone following the “underground news” lately could not miss the outcry about GMOs. GMO means ‘genetically modified organism.’ It refers to food which has been engineered in a lab for any number of reasons: either with the DNA of other living things (such as arctic fish to withstand and grow in colder temperatures) or in such a way as to withstand herbicides used on weeds to make farming easier. I have a moral and ethical objection to geneticallycapillary-celery2 modified food. It is not ethical or right to alter the natural structure of something and scientifically, there is no way to know how these “new” strains of DNA will react with the organism’s own DNA. Mutations and problems have already occurred. In the case of “Round Up Ready” food (the majority of GMO), I do not want to eat herbicide.

As I have looked into it more and more, I have found that trying to eat a diet which does not contain GMOs is very difficult. Even a label stating that something is organic does not preclude the use of GMOs. The USDA makes an allowance of up to 30% GMO content while still allowing the organic label to be placed on the food. Pretty tricky, right?

We can only go on assumptions right now. If something contains corn, soy, sugar beets (as in, not cane sugar), cottonseed, canola, corn, rapeseed, soybean or vegetable oil, it is probably largely GMO and should be avoided. Sounds easy at first, until you look at labels and realize that EVERYTHING contains these things and usually more than one of them. Most things contain corn, soy, sugar made from sugar beets and any of the assortment of oils listed above. Check for yourself the next time you go to the grocery store. It is in EVERYTHING.

I have decided a good rule of thumb for checking ingredients is: If you don’t recognize it, your body won’t either. So all of these monotriglicerides and hydrogenated this and aspartame that… avoid it. It’s all bad for you. This means giving up processed foods altogether. And while there are many I like, it wasn’t as hard as you’d think. I usually have organic eggs for breakfast, organic fruit for lunch, organic meat for dinner and a snack (usually Kashi’s answer to Shredded Wheat). I have lost 20lbs, ladies and better than that, I actually feel GOOD for the first time in like 15 years. You can’t put a price on that.

Speaking of prices… organic food is more expensive but the way I see it, it is better to buy less food that is more nutritious than more food which is less nutritious. What you eat is more important than cable tv. Make the investment.