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Anti-Rape Devices: Helpful or Harmful?

There is a lot to be said for the idea of anti-rape devices, such as rape-thwarting underwear and the aptly-named Rape-aXe, which impales the rapist’s penis on barbs, causing him excruciating pain upon withdrawal. I applaud the idea behind these things, but I think in practical application, they could be very dangerous. The most common type of rapist (the power reassurance or “gentleman” rapist) may run away when he finds his efforts countered, but there are many others who will not. Anti-rape devices will only incite these rapists, making it more likely that the woman will be seriously injured or even killed as a consequence. Rape is about power and the desire to have control over another person. When any type of rapist (because there are different types) sees that he is being prevented from having what he wants, he very often reacts with rage and escalated violence – up to and including murder.

The anti-rape devices that scare me the most are the ones that inflict pain on the rapist. How many women are going to be killed for using these devices? They’re supposed to “temporarily incapacitate” him but how long does it really take to stab somebody and kill them, or choke them to death, or punch them in the face and cause serious damage? If you use a weapon against him, make sure it is one you are skilled with using that he cannot take from you and use against you. If you cannot get away from the rapist before the actual sexual attack starts, it may be safer to simply comply. It could save your life – and that is what is most important here. A rape can turn into a murder in less than 2 seconds. You have to stay alive by whatever means necessary and if that means going along with it, then do so. Protecting your life is more important than protecting an ideal. It’s fine to argue politics in the safety of your own home; we can talk all day about how to prevent rape in the broader sense, but when you are actually in a life or death situation, things become very, very simple: you survive. Yes, rape is wrong. Yes, the rapist is wrong. Yes, the rapist is totally and solely to blame. Yes, what he is doing is terrible and scarring. Yes, he is a bastard and a criminal and he should be castrated. But you must survive and however you can do that is what matters. I will not judge you and neither will anyone with a brain.

Women often say “I’ll punch him in the face! I’ll kick him in the nuts! I’ll scratch his eyes out!” but many who have attempted this have been severely beaten and even killed. Many a rapist has said point-blank that if the woman hadn’t fought back, he wouldn’t have hurt her. Now this smacks of victim-blaming (surprise), but if we look at the psychology behind rape, we see that there is probably truth to it. He rapes to feel powerful and if you fight back, this means he is not coming across as powerful enough. This angers him and it has just become a very dangerous situation for you. It is no longer about consent and the horrible, despicable intrusion of your body. Now it is about your life and that is far more important. It isn’t worth dying for. Even Richard Ramirez (a notably sadistic serial killer) spared the life of the one woman who did not fight him at all. Not only did he kill the ones who did fight back, but he cut out the eyes of the one who fought back the hardest. (Maxine Zazzara pulled a shotgun out on him, but it was unloaded and she didn’t know that. Her eyes were never found.) It’s not worth your life. What you need to do in that situation is use your head, not your fists. Beat him with your brain. If you live, you win. It’s that simple. If you can’t talk to him rationally, then look at him (if you can see him). Remember him. Memorize his face, his body, his tattoos, his teeth, his smell, his voice, everything. And tell the police. Sear his face into your brain so that you don’t forget him. That is how you stop him.

If you do choose to fight back, prepare to fight back hard. As hard as you can, because this is your life and once you’ve started fighting, you may die if you can’t get away. And if you have a gun, shoot him if you can. No warning. No hesitation. Shoot him.

50 Shades of Grey — And As Many Interpretations of it

I keep hearing how the book and movie 50 Shades of Grey are sending women’s rights back all these decades. I’ve even seen the r-word being thrown around. Here’s my thing: BDSM and dominance are not rape. Neither can occur without explicit consent. The definition of rape is that it is non-consensual. If there is consent, there is no rape. It is not rape simply because it looks too rough for you or is rougher than you would appreciate. BDSM relationships and sex do not diminish the submissive partner either, because in truth the submissive is in charge of the entire interaction. Nothing occurs without her (or his!) consent. Nothing. Because of this, BDSM is also not abuse.

Now, undoubtedly the book and movie will entice a few “vanilla” women into trying the whole thing but most of them really just want something new, not something real. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Women are entitled to their fantasies – all of their fantasies and labeling or judging these fantasies is not helpful or supportive of women. I am of the mind that gender equality means women have the choice to like or dislike whatever they choose, rather than have these things still be dictated by others as to what they should or should not be.

There are plenty of men who enjoy being dominated as well. There are men who pay to be dominated. Where is the outcry? Does anyone even care? No, they don’t. It’s considered the man’s private business and that’s that. Why is it not the same for women? Why is a women’s sexuality still a matter of public scrutiny in the year 2015?

Isn’t it time this stops?

Why Are You Against The Death Penalty?

The death penalty is one of my “pet” causes. I stand staunchly in support of it. It has it’s problems and it could use an overhaul in keeping with technology (as could all government institutions and procedures) but as an overall concept, I support it. It boggles my mind that some people don’t. I understand the idea that people deserve a second chance but not everyone does. Contrary to what the warmhearted but misguided people who believe this might think, not everyone can be rehabilitated. Not everyone would do better if they could. Not everyone is a poor misunderstood victim. Some people are killers because that is who and what they want to be. They enjoy killing and hurting people. They love it, in point of fact. And they have zero respect for life at all.

There are those who feel that the few dollars in your pocket are worth more than your life. There are people on this planet who feel — to quote Dr. Park Dietz about serial killers — that their orgasm is more important than your life.  Think about what that means for a second. Really think about it. A few seconds of pleasure means more to them than your entire existence as a person, and they are more than willing to trade one for the other. More than willing, even happy to do so. These people are a danger to every single person that will ever come in contact with them. The world will never be safe from them until they are dead.

Beyond the safety factor, there is also the concept of justice. Some crimes are heinous, so despicable and so terrible that they are only served by the death of the offender. You do not get the death penalty for killing someone in an argument. You get the death penalty only if you have shown without a doubt that human life is absolutely meaningless to you.

I submit to you the case of Westley Allan Dodd: sadist, child molester and torture-murderer. Westley Dodd kept a journal, detailing his crimes and search for new victims, as well as plans for the future. Murder, torture and children consumed this man’s entire life. I have read hundreds – maybe even thousands – of true crime stories. I have seen thousands of crime scene photos. I have watched hundreds of murder videos. I just watched one the other day of a drug cartel executing 4 women with axes, chopping them up like firewood. The Westley Allan Dodd journal surpasses them all; it is the most depraved, despicable thing I’ve ever experienced. If you truly believe that you are absolutely against the death penalty, I invite you to read the personal journal/log book of Westley Allan Dodd. It is presented at that link with nothing omitted except the pictures he took of his victims and I promise you that after you read it, you will no longer be against the death penalty.

If you’re not changed… if after reading that journal, you are still against the death penalty… if you can find sympathy or kindness in your heart for the man who built a torture rack in his house to tie 4 year old boys to, for the man who created a “game” out of forcing a child to pick how they would be murdered by either rolling dice or picking it out of a hat… If you can find any kindness for or reason to keep alive the man who said, “4:45 p.m.  I now ask Satan to guide me, and provide or help me obtain a boy tonight.  This one I’d like to keep a while–keeping him awake all night each night so he’ll sleep all day while I’m at work (tied and mouth taped shut to be on safe side).  I may only keep him two or three days, or even longer if it works out… I might even get two boys (perhaps a 6- or 7-year-old taking a 3- or 4- year-old to the toilet?).  In the case of two like this–the older (or both) would decide (when I tired of them) which was to die.  Don’t know now if survivor (or just a lone boy) would die, or be used to help get another boy home.  Will have to wait and see.  I also want to do my medical experiments this time, once done with sexual play on the body(ies).  Also hoping for more, better pictures.” then you are just a fool. A dangerous fool and I wish you luck, because in this world, you will need it.

Because Westley Allan Dodd is dead (via execution) but there are thousands more just like him.

Feminism & Chauvinism In Our Relationships

I’m so tired of the whole feminist/chauvinist thing, especially regarding relationships. All you hear all damn day long is “Stop kissing these hoes’ asses!” and “Stop letting these bastards oppress you!” #nomoresimping #yesallwoman everywhere. Well, here is my advice to all of you:

There are many different kinds of people. There are just as many different kinds of relationships. Some you may feel are more equal than others. Here’s the thing about that, though: It’s absolutely none of your business. None. At all. It does not matter what you think the societal implications of such a relationship might be. It doesn’t matter what you think the long-term chances of such a relationship might be. It doesn’t matter what you think of the motives of the parties in the relationship, their feelings or anything else. It. Does. Not. Matter. What consenting adults do is not your concern in any way, shape or form. Your judgement is not needed or welcome. Period.

I cook for my husband. I clean up after him. I bathe him sometimes. I brush his hair, I shave him, I cut his hair. I massage him. I made him French toast at 4 o’clock in the morning the other night. He gets what he wants. In return, I ask for respect, faithfulness and kindness. He doesn’t ask me to do these things, or tell me to. I want to do them. I like doing these things. It’s my personality. I don’t see him as superior to me, or feel I have to do anything for him at all. I just like doing things for people I care about. It makes me happy. I’m (obviously) no shrinking violet; I’m fully capable of standing up for my rights should they be trod upon. But then I have people saying things like, “This ain’t the 1950’s. Come out of the kitchen. He’s oppressing you.” as if it could never be my choice. My answer is always the same thing: “You’re right. This isn’t the 1950’s. It’s the year 2014 and that means I can choose to do whatever I want to do. Stop trying to ‘liberate’ me out of my personal choices.” Liberation and independence are supposed to be about doing what you want to do and making your own choices, not the choices that everyone else agrees with or thinks you should make. On Facebook, someone made a great point about Muslim women, and how Non-Muslim Americans want to “liberate” these women of their head coverings without even sparing a thought to the fact that Muslim women choose to wear them. 

People who engage in this type of ridiculous judgment and life-policing are the reason for all of this BS, because they simply cannot keep their noses out of other people’s business. If a man wants to elevate his woman to the status of Empress of the Universe, that’s not your business. If a woman wants to wait on her man hand and foot as if he were God Himself, that’s not your business. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, nobody’s marriage or relationship is your business. So instead of worrying about all the other men and women in the world and why they are not doing exactly what YOU think is the right thing, worry about your own partner and your own life.

And shut the fuck up, too.

My Message To The Anti-Rape Culture Brigade: Enough, Already!

As I’ve stated in other posts, I have a few problems with the anti-rape culture movement. The purpose of the anti-rape culture movement seems to be to reduce women once again to helpless victims. To me it looks like women who are being groomed to be victims because they are being taught that they have no power here. I stand in staunch opposition to this and always will. Thinking that more education and sensitivity training is going to protect you in this world is a pipe-dream and it’s a dangerous one. You cannot “cure” or educate someone out of being a rapist. It is impossible. Making women put on clothes is not going to change things and women running around naked telling everyone not to look is not going to change things, because these things have nothing to do with why rape occurs. Rape occurs because a person feels powerless and wants to assert control over another human being in order to feel more powerful. No amount of sloganeering or naked protestation is going to change that.

This video is my statement to the anti-rape culture brigade: Enough, already! THIS is why rape occurs: because a person puts (or sees) another person in a vulnerable situation and takes advantage of them. Period.

It has nothing to do with any of the political bullshit that these assholes are talking about. It is not society causing it. It is not because of some lack of education or sensitivity. People don’t need to be “taught not to rape,” because people already know that rape is wrong. They do it anyway because they don’t care.

This video is also a rebellion against being branded as a sex object. Attempts were made to look not sexy but pathetic. The simulated rape and forced servitude shown here is not just the message but the subtext as well; it is symbolic of being forced into a role you do not want to occupy.

Rape Culture & The Insidious Truth

By now we have all heard about how Miss Nevada suggested self-defense when she was asked about rape, and how the Feminist Universe took up arms against her. The sentiment seems to be that Miss Nevada is “victim blaming” and is somehow being a misogynist. Am I missing something here? How is it empowering to teach women that all the power to stop rape is in men’s hands? Sure, we can teach men not to rape. I’m all for that. It might even do some good. But what about the ones that refuse to learn? Men rape because they want to. You can teach them all you want and guess what? Some of them are still going to want to do it. I don’t get it. Do these women want women to be victims? To just take it and say, “I’m helpless, you big bad man. Please have a change of heart. I’m a person, too” in the hopes that he might suddenly see you that way? Since when is being proactive bad? 

How far does this go? Since “rape culture” is ultimately to blame, can we really blame the man either? After all, isn’t he just as much of a victim of it as women are? Where does this ridiculous bullshit stop? I don’t deny that the so-called “rape culture” exists in some ways but I do deny that it is responsible for turning men into rapists. Men – and women – become rapists because they are seeking a way to feel power over somebody else. It has nothing to do with sex and here is where both sides of this debate are getting it wrong. It is absolutely appalling to me to read or hear comments that say, “Why couldn’t he just masturbate?” or hearing talk about “sex-crazed psychos.” Jesus, people! Read a book! Masturbation would never stop rape because it only relieves sexual desire. It does nothing for the desire to control and dominate another human being and that is what drives rape. Rape is about power, not sex. It is about taking something from somebody that they don’t want to give. It’s about force, not desire. Many times rapists cannot even get or maintain an erection, or cannot achieve an orgasm: because it’s not really about that. This is why a man can get regular sex at home from a wife or a girlfriend and still be a rapist. For whatever reason, he cannot dominate or control his wife or girlfriend the way he wants to, so he finds someone else to victimize. It happens all the time. This is also often the reason people victimize children. It is why castration cannot “cure” a rapist or pedophile and it is why heterosexual men rape other men in prison. It has nothing to do with sexualization and everything to do with the domination of someone weaker than you. Rape is a show of force. It is a way to say, “I can do whatever I want to you and there is nothing you can do about it. I am powerful.”

When I see these topless or nude demonstrations from women where they are carrying signs that say, “I AM NOT A SEXUAL OBJECT!” I am equally appalled. How are you proving you are not an object by objectifying

"I am not an object!"

“I am not an object! See my sign?!”

yourself? The reason you are being objectified or objectifying yourself doesn’t matter. You are still portraying yourself as an object, just on your terms. How does this help anything? The point is to get them to see you as a person, right? Walking around naked is never going to do that. It puts the focus on one thing. Isn’t the whole point to show that you are multi-dimensional? That you are more than just your genitalia? I don’t see how making it the focal point of your entire statement is supposed to change that impression. It won’t. I mean, I get it: “The point is that we should be able to be naked/topless and it shouldn’t MATTER!” Sure, but that is not reality. If you want to reach people, you have to reach them on their level. If you cannot do that, it is going to fail. In this way, rather than making your point, you’ve only made things worse. Because now, people only see you as objectifying yourself. They are not getting your point at all. And that is not their failure, it’s yours. Sorry but it had to be said. It is normal and natural to notice, admire and even sexualize nudity. You want to shove nudity in people’s faces, then punish and shame them for their natural reaction to it. That’s counterproductive and it only creates confusion, anger and obfuscates the message you are supposedly trying to send. And if we are being brutally honest, how many of these women just want to get naked for attention anyway and have simply found a “right” reason to do so? Probably at least a few. Again: counterproductive.

The prevailing idea here seems to be that women are helpless objects that cannot fight back. Or, even more absurd, should not have to fight back. Rape is wrong. We all know that. But it is a reality. The purpose of the anti-rape culture movement seems to be to reduce women once again to helpless victims. To me it looks like women who are being groomed to be victims because they are being taught that they have no power here. I stand in staunch opposition to this and always will. Here’s a newsflash: not everybody does what they are supposed to. Not everybody cares about other people’s rights and feelings. Not everybody does the right thing. Thinking that more education and sensitivity training is going to protect you in this world is a pipe-dream and it’s a dangerous one. You cannot “cure” or educate someone out of being a rapist. It is impossible. Making women put on clothes is not going to change things and women running around naked telling everyone not to look is not going to change things, because these things have nothing to do with why rape occurs. Rape occurs because a person feels powerless and wants to assert control over another human being in order to feel more powerful. No amount of sloganeering or naked protestation is going to change that. You want to help? Educate yourself regarding the reason why rape occurs before trying to educate society on how to prevent it.

Miss Nevada holds a 4th degree black belt. She’s got the right idea.