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Woman Punched In Nordstrom’s Parking Lot… and She Deserved It

On November 6th, it was reported that a lady was punched in the face in the Nordstrom’s parking lot for asking another woman to quiet her child. The child was throwing a tantrum in the checkout line. Video of the assault was captured on security cams and can be seen here.

Upon viewing it, my first thought was “DAMN, that’s a hell of a punch! Just goes to show you, you should not talk smack to strangers. You have no idea what they will do.” My second thought was that we’ve all been annoyed by crying kids in stores but if you have kids then you know that all kids throw tantrums — at least for a little while; it’s how they test limits and sometimes there is nothing you can do to shut them up. They are not robots. There’s no “OFF” button. The child started throwing the tantrum in the checkout line. What was the mother supposed to do? She was already leaving the store, which is the considerate thing to do if your child is throwing a fit. This girl really could not just be cool for like 2 minutes? I can understand getting frustrated with a crying child, but I can only be understanding up to the part where this snotty little girl tells the mother to go to hell. There’s no reason for that, first of all and second of all, there is nothing the mother can do to make the child be quiet, so really it’s unfair to say something in the first place.

I will just never understand the people who ask that kind of thing. “Isn’t there a way you could keep your child quieter?” Do you honestly think if there was, the mother would not do it? Do you think she wants her child to scream bloody murder in the middle of a store? That’s how you can tell the people with no kids, though: people who have kids don’t ask those kinds of questions because they know the answer. People who do not have children do not understand, so people with no kids, let me let me clue you in to something that you don’t seem to know: tantrums are not always the result of bad parenting. All children of a certain age throw tantrums, and sometimes they do it for years. There is no way around it. You cannot stop it. It’s part of normal child development and absolutely every child on the planet does it. It has nothing to do with discipline or spoiling or anything else. It has to do with the child’s struggle with learning to be independent and testing the limits of that independence. I’m a tough, strict parent; I will take absolutely no shit from a kid, trust me. I kept a house of 5 and sometimes 7 kids (on the weekends) ranging in ages from 13 to 3 running clean, quiet and orderly, and even I concede that with tantrums at that age, sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

The other thing that really bothers me here is this stupid little girl’s attitude about the whole thing. She was like “[The tantrum] hurt my ears.” And… what? Do you think you live on this planet by yourself?? Other people can’t live their lives because it’s bothering you? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway? It was the checkout line at Nordstrom’s. How long could the line have been? She could have just minded her own for the 5 minutes it takes to get out the door and then been on her way, but she just couldn’t do it. This is just another self-righteous, elitist asshole who thinks everyone has to tiptoe around them.

We all have to be on this planet together, lady. It’s not just you and the people you like, or who all do, think, feel, breathe and exist the same way as you. If you can’t get behind that, may I suggest you start looking for another place to live? People have made exceptions and concessions for you and your behavior throughout your life. You just don’t realize it. And you could have made one here but no, mah righteous indignation. You may lose three teeth from all this. Maybe next time you’ll think twice before starting shit with someone you don’t know at all. Life’s a little rougher when you’re all grown up, isn’t it, sweetheart? Hopefully you learned your lesson.

In fact, let this be a lesson to us all: Mind your own business.